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MVL All Stars

How is the Marble Valley League "All-Star" teams selected for each sport?

Mount Anthony participates in the A Division of the Marble Valley League in boys soccer, girls soccer, field hockey, cross country, boys basketball, girls basketball, wrestling, baseball, softball, boys tennis, girls tennis, boys lacrosse and girls lacrosse. An All-Stars Meeting is set at the start of the season for all sports. All coaches are required to attend this meeting to select an All-Opponent Team. If a school is not represented at this meeting, that school can not have a representative on the all-star team. At the meeting, coaches then nominate players from their own team and coaches vote for players to select the team. Coaches can not vote for their own players. A formula is used to determine how many all-stars will be selected ? depending on the number of teams in the division, and the number of starting players on the field/court for that sport. The exception is cross country and wrestling, where head to head competition is used to select the teams.