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Varsity Jacket

My son received his varsity "MA" letter last night. Where does he get the MAU Varsity Letter Jacket?

By earning your Varsity "MA" Letter at Mount Anthony, you are now eligible for a Booster Club Varsity Letter Jacket. This jacket, made of fine quality wool by RENNOC, sells for $150.00. But it is available to you through Booster Club funding for just $75.00.

To obtain your Booster Club Jacket, bring your Varsity Letter and this form to Bennington Sports & Graphics on Main Street, along with $75.00. You will be fitted for your jacket size and given the option of having your name embroidered on the front if you choose. This embroidering, as well as having your letter sewn on the jacket, will be done at no extra charge. This jacket is sold exclusively by Bennington Sports & Graphics to MAU Varsity Letter winners. You must purchase your jacket prior to graduation from Mount Anthony to be eligible for the Booster Club funding.

NOTE: When placing sports pins and bars on varsity letters, it is suggested to place a dot of glue in the hole of the cap to help insure placement.
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