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Booster Club Varsity Jacket Information

By earning a Varsity “MA” letter at Mt. Anthony, a student who has not yet graduated is eligible to purchase a Booster Club Varsity Letter Jacket at a reduced price. The price will vary depending on how many students want to order. With this being said the estimate I got from Game One range from $175 to $200 (as of 3/4/2023 pricing can change) with shipping and embroidering. The Booster Club will pay $75.00 of this fee.

To obtain your Booster Club Jacket please call or text Lori Gratton at 802-491-7864. I will keep track of students that want Varsity Jackets at all times but will create a bulk order on these dates: March 31st, June 30 th and December 15 each year. This accounts for the end of each season at the high school and gives coaches time to have the banquets. This will be when I will know the price of the jackets because I will know how many are ordered. We can order after this date but it will be extra because we will be ordering less jackets at a time. You will fill out the jacket size and pay half of the cost. The letters will be collected at this time. You will have the option to put your name embroidered on the front if you choose. The varsity letter will be sewn on the jacket and your name embroidered before you receive the jacket.

This jacket is sold exclusively by Game One to MAU Varsity Letter winners. You must purchase your jacket prior to graduation from MAU to be eligible for the Booster Club funding.

Note: When placing sports pin on the varsity letters, it is suggested to place a dot of glue in the whole of the cap to help insure placement.

Varsity Letter Plaque: To order a Varsity Letter Shadow Box display frame, click here: Then click on the Shadow Box tab on the left.