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I am a senior parent for the varsity boys soccer team. I understand that the senior parents help organize the end of the season banquet. What do I need to do?

Below is a copy of the "Banquet Information" letter distributed to senior parents during the course of the season:

Generally, each year the senior parents organize an end of the season banquet for the respective sport in which their son or daughter participates. Banquets in the past have been held in the high school cafeteria, CDC Atrium, Middle School cafeteria, Elks Club, Moose Club, and other establishments.

Many teams have gone to pot-luck dinners to avoid the need for selling tickets or collecting money. Others have gone to just having parents bring deserts and beverages. All three teams (Varsity, JV and Freshman) of each sport are usually honored at these banquets.

If the dinner is going to be catered (or held at the Moose or Elks) the players, coaches and their spouses and other guests are usually invited free of charge, while parents and other family members and guests are charged $8.00-$10.00 per ticket (depending on the meal) to offset the cost of the free tickets. If notified, we will sell tickets here at the Activities Office. The tickets will be labeled with the banquet information and we will check off the names of the families as they pay. This way you can get a number of the tickets sold and the names of the families who have not yet indicated if they are coming. After you have decided where, what time (usually 6:00) and what night, call Bridgette or myself at 447-1899 to let us know so we can have tickets printed up and get them ready to sell.

Each head coach has an activity account from fund-raising money. If you wish to tap into some of this money to offset banquet expenses (decorations, etc.), make sure to contact the coach ahead of time to find out how much money is available. They are the only ones who can access money from these accounts.

Banquet Checklist

  • Determine Location. Moose Lodge: 442-9728; Elks Lodge: 442-2736
  • Determine a night (avoid Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays). It would be a good idea to call Bridgette or myself to check possible conflicts. Make sure to confirm with head coach before booking it.
  • Determine starting time (6:00 is usually good)
  • Determine if you are going to have one of the lodges fix the meal and charge a ticket price, or if you are going to have a pot luck dinner (no charge). The lodges can help you with this decision. Call Bridgette or Tim at 447-1899 to give them information on tickets (night, time, location and ticket price).
  • Contact head coach of program to finalize the date and have them get the word out to the sub-varsity coaches. Check with them about available money for decorations, etc. Ask them for a count of guests, spouses for a head table count. (Coaches take care of the expense and ordering of any team or individual trophies).
  • Use roster list to make call home to families to notify them of banquet information.
  • Keep receipts of ALL expenses that you wish to have reimbursed by the school account.
  • A few days before the banquet date, call the Activities Office to get an update on ticket sales. Then call the Moose or Elks to give them a head count. Ask them if it is okay to sell additional tickets at the door.