FAQs » Transportation


I want to have my child ride home with me after the game. Is this okay?

Although we try to be flexible due to extenuating circumstances, our school policy is that ALL players must ride on the bus to and from all games. Our philosophy is that we believe this is important quality time for students to spend together as a team. If you need to get your child back sooner for an appointment, or class function, or you reside far enough away from the school that it would cause you to double-back with your trip, the coach MUST receive a written note from your child before they get on the bus to go to the game. No child will be allowed to ride home with anyone but their legal guardian(s) unless the note identifies the adult responsible for getting them home. Please keep these requests to a minimum.

Is it safe for my child to leave personal belongings on the bus during games?

The MAUHS District #14 or the bus company will not be held responsible for the replacement and/or repair of any student personal property lost, stolen or damaged while participating in any school related activity. The student must assume responsibility at all times.

If my child misses the bus, is it okay for them to drive to the game?

Under no circumstances should students be driving to games. If the parent or their designeee (authorized adult) can transport the child to the game, then they may do so, with the understanding that each coach has consequences for students missing the bus, and it could affect their playing time in the game or contest.