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Boys on Girls Teams

Why are boys prohibited from playing on the girls teams at Mt. Anthony?

Field Hockey and Softball have been established as girls sports by the National Federation and the Vermont Principals Association. Since we are a VPA sanctioned school, we must follow the guidelines and policies set forth by the VPA and NFHS.

Listed below is a direct quote from Michael Marks, the VPA attorney, concerning this issue. This section is from a memo dated 4/7/2004:

"We do not allow boys to play softball. Under Title IX, we cannot allow boys to play a sport if the effect of their participation would be to create unfair competition for girls. We have to maintain overall equity in our programs between boys and girls. In the Spring, if the boys could effectively dominate both baseball and softball, we would not have equity. This is just like field hockey in the Fall. If we allowed boys to play field hockey, the differences in strength would create the likelihood for domination by boys, and a resulting loss in opportunities for girls."

Michael Marks
Tarrant, Marks and Gillies
PO Box 1440
Montpelier, VT

If you have questions you want to direct to the Activities Director at the Vermont Principals Association, you may contact Bob Johnson at 1-802-229-0547.