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Charter Buses

Why does the football team use charter buses, but all the other athletic teams have to travel on smaller school buses?

This is a fair question, and one I find myself having to answer at least a dozen times a year. We use school buses for all our athletic trips, unless we can show that using a charter bus will save money. In the case of the varsity football team, it would take two school buses to adequately and safely seat the 40-plus players and coaches, and all of their equipment, on road trips. By using a charter bus, the equipment can be stored underneath and there is a substantial savings over using two school buses.

If a team wants to raise additional money to pay for the difference in cost for a charter bus, is that acceptable?

No. The reason why we do not allow this practice is because it would be an equity issue. It would not be fair that only the teams with financial advantages have access to the uses of charter buses.

What is the school policy on charter buses for state championship games?

As a reward for reaching a state championship game, where the pre-determined site is over 100 miles, the athletic department makes every attempt possible to provide the team with a charter bus. It is not always possible because of availability issues.

The wrestlers go to the state championship every year. How come they never get to go on a charter bus?

The charter bus offer for state championship teams is only for same-day trips. Since the wrestling state championship is a two-day event and requires an over-night stay, it would be far too expensive to use a charter bus.