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Personal Conduct

What are the consequences if my child is guilty of breaking training rules?

Participation on an athletic team or club is a privilege. Participants must earn the right to represent Mount Anthony Union High School/Middle School by conducting themselves in such a manner that the image of the school district is not tarnished in any way. Mount Anthony Union HS/MS strictly enforces its alcohol, tobacco and drug use policies. Participants will adhere to the Training Rules & Personal Conduct Policy outlined in the Athletic/Activities Digest For Students & Parents. This policy is in force for the entire calendar year. Violation of the Substance Abuse Policy will result in a minimum of suspension from one quarter (1/4) of the season. Any participant whose conduct is determined to be a discredit to him/herself, the team or school during the sport season will be subject to disciplinary action. This will apply before, during and after school hours. All such incidents must be brought to the attention of the administration, athletic director, coach and parents/guardians directly involved. Appeals may be made in accordance with due process procedures through the Building Principal.

Can my child still be a part of the team during the 1/4 of the season suspension?

The probation period of 1/4of the season only prohibits your child from participating in games or performances. They must continue to participate in practices and are allowed to travel to games and take part in all other aspects of being on the team. While they are allowed on the sidelines for games, they MUST NOT be in team uniform.

Why is it that ineligible players are not allowed to wear their uniforms at games?

Students who are not eligible to play in games - either because of injury, academic probation or training rules violations - are restricted from wearing their uniform at games. This is not a form of punishment, but rather to prevent any confusion by parents or spectators as to why specific players on the bench were not sent into the game to play.