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Varsity Letters

My son participated on the Varsity Track team this past spring. Why didn't he receive a varsity letter at the team picnic?

The "MA" varsity letter is not automatically received by all members of a varsity team. It is a symbol of performance and excellence at the varsity level and is to be awarded by the coach to the players who meet the qualifications. Listed below are the guidelines for receiving a varsity letter:
  1. All players on a varsity team which has try-outs and cuts will be awarded a Varsity Letter, provided they fulfill the criteria set forth by the coach.
  2. Players on Varsity teams which do not have cuts (Football, XC, Wrestling, Swim Team, Spring and Indoor Track, Golf and Tennis) must meet the criteria set forth by the Athletic Department and Head Coach. The general rule for qualifying for a letter is that the athlete must play in two-thirds (2/3) of the season's games or matches. (Example: 22 quarters of football)
  3. Athletes who qualify will receive a varsity letter only if it is their first time lettering in any sport. With this letter will be a metal pin designating the sport they lettered in. If the athlete qualifies again in the same sport, they will receive another pin to add to the letter. If they letter in an additional sport, they will receive the corresponding pin.
  4. To receive a letter, an athlete must practice and play for the entire season. Decisions on players injured during the season will be up to the discretion of the coach. If dismissed from the squad, they will forfeit any claim to a letter.
  5. If an athlete is a senior with long service to the club, the coach may waive the point or quarter system and award a letter.
  6. Managers/statisticians will receive varsity letters according to the judgement and guidelines set out by the head coach.
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